it’s about time we had new rules to reshape the family. I plan to put together the first ever Global juggalo Confrence to make sure these rules stick cuz if u notice. as long as juggalos say the “N” word or claim they’re gangsta’s and beat up people for dissin’ juggalos..they’ll be idiots like LOTB around to bash our names in the ground. so without further indue..

The “TRUE” Code Of Juggalo Family
Follow these simple steps to be a true juggalo.

1. A Juggalo is not a gang member.
2. A Juggalo does not say the “N” word NO MATTER HOW IT’S SPELLED or any sluurs of any kind.
3. A Juggalo should not judge another because of a lack of merch.
4. A Juggalette is NOT A ******** WHORE! please don’t have careless sex otherwise you’ll wind up like Lara Roxx
5. A True Juggalo will respect and help people around him or her no matter the problem cuz that’s the true meaning of the word family.
6. A Juggalo will not drunk or do drugs infront of a little kid.
7. A True Juggalo listens to the music and the meaning and not to mistake it for a call to violence
8. Juggalos are all races, genders, sexual orientations, or even genitic mutations (such as retarded or born with 2 sex organs)
9. Juggalos are whoever you want to be. as long as it don’t mean violence in your life!


sorry folks. but Psychopathic’s 2 money-blind to see the crisis at hand so guess the last OG Wicked Klown from michigan that is still down has to step in and re-shape the family to true U-N-I-T-Y

thank you for reading


  1. william

    yo dog,u got things twisted, can u say juggalos cant say nigga,madrox says it all the time,so do i,thers a differnce between nigga and the N word,2.i think smokin weed in fronta kids is fine as long as u dont give it to em,3.a real juggalo aint a rednek or defend the rebel flag,dont try and speak 4 all LOS,we all see things differntly dog,u got some stuff right but ya need to tweek some things

    1. Amy

      smoking weed in front of kids is like telling the kid its alright to smoke it. that leaves a bad influence making you a bad influence towards the kid.

      1. chris

        how is smoking something that helps so many people in front of a kid a bad influence ciggs i can understand but marijuana is a medicine not a drug so why say that its bad it has not killed anyone and i doubt it will i mean come on why say its bad do you smoke it to diss on it we just have to let our kids know that they cannot smoke it till they get older set a age limit like they have in colorado and washington but dont say its a bad idea when it actually helps and i agree with alot of stuff that you wrote fam just not this and one other thing that someone already hit upon

    2. PEZ

      This “redneck” country boy juggalo says “FUCK YOU BITCH”!!! I can rock Toby Keith, Eric Church, Tech N9ne and ICP. Its called being an adult with a free mind. I love ICP, but I also love hunting and fishing. I have a good job, own a home, dont smoke weed. Im 31 and Have been “down” since riddle box, so fuck off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Brandon

    you Speak the truth and its right I was amazed by that shit every juggalo should know this stuff and hell everyboby on the planet should live by this. WHOOP WHOOP MCL

  3. blaze

    yo, wtf are you on? your not the don or the fuckin boss. You need to give over all your shit and not spea to us dont push your beliefs on me i agree with some of this but not all your a cracked out juffalo. its all about being yourself and not changin for others. the first set of values are better and will stay as they are sorry fam. but you gotta take the back seat,, or gettin the fuck out nough said

  4. Mandi

    Who are you to judge what a true Juggalo or Juggalette should or shouldn’t do? You wouldn’t even speak the name Juggalo were it not for ICP’s Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope… And by posting these ludicrous “rules” you’ve conjured up in your head you’ve already judged everyone from Psycopathic including the REAL original Juggalos who created the name… You call yourself “OG” do You even know what OG stands for??? ORIGINAL GANGSTA. So before you go running preachin your “Juggalo” rules take a step back and read them yourself before you make yourself look like a juggahoe…

  5. Dawg's Nuttz

    9. Juggalos are whoever you want to be. this says it all fuck the rest that u posted ….We Are Who We Are ….Regardle Of What Has To Say…And For The One Who Is Tryin To Change Shit …If You Dont Like What juggalo’s/ lettes Are Doin Close Your Eyes N Ears My Freind………

  6. markclark

    really are you serious and who the fuck are you to say youre gonna “strip” them of their merch and i say the word NIGGA all the time and ive broken prolly every rule on here so are you gonna come and “strip” me of my merch id love ta see ya try bottom line is your a fuckin idiot that needs to be kicked the fuckout the family dumd ass

  7. James

    Just curious… 1-Who do you think you are? King Juggalo? 2-Who made you the boss of all Juggalos? and lastly… How do you expect to enforce your so-called punishment? Are YOU gonna come take my shit if I say the N word while smokin in front of a 5 year old and beating a whore for not wearing a hatchetman???

  8. localclowncrew

    Family to me is displayed in each individuals words, actions, and motivations.
    Family to me is not a common bond through a Music genre or artist.
    Do Nuture the family and its enviorment for the benifit of the family or do you use and abuse members of the family and its enviorment for personal gratification or gains
    Why is this “Juggalette” used by name as an example and what exactly is the point you are trying to get across
    Why is the “Juggalette part and careless sex part and your disrespectful use of the PERSON why are they connected and or used at all.
    You so called careless sex clause it seems should be able to stand alone as a statement with no need of an “example” and in true fairness and equality if considered usefull or true it should apply to all members of the family
    Why is the term Juggalette used at all exactly why not “she a down ass juggalo”

    The fam helping no matter what and all that is just wack. Who determines the “help” our family member needs? Who determines enableing vs security/s

  9. localclowncrew

    Ran out of the last box so…..
    the main theme here seems to be Discrimination and Violence with under tones of the age old the lady is whore if she has sex with mult partners and or exerts control in a relationship
    and the man is a stud and an alpha male for the exact same actions
    the juggalo i met at gotj few yrs back he want introduce his self as that nigga from cali thats his deal dont mean imma call him that esp. In public cause i personaly not gonna disrepect him or myself me an my crew get home talk bout gotj and one of crew say u mean that pause from cali its still there homie ya just stepn around it an calln it poop

    VIOLENCE big theme here but Code says you going to rob and physically remove from some location
    robbery is violence and removing? Try that on most juggalos I know gonna b violence oh and removing merch etc. And removal um that GanG S.O.P.
    Family is where members fall in to roles and through deeds and actions indv are deemed valuable or worthy or invaluable /unworthy

  10. WiKkiD AnGeL

    Ehhh bra, Part of bein a juggalo is cuz we are family beyond some rules tryin to conform n convert us, BIND US from who we are and what we feel! We excep each otha unconditionally NO MATTER WHAT and because NONE OF USE ARE ABOVE THE NEXT!!!- *laughs* like you trying to be! You trying to twizt our family into something else, HA SOMETHING IT CAN NEVER BE! Trying to kill that wickedness of acceptance to be who we are, that’s what we love, that’s what makes us juggalo’s SON. ‘Reshape’ the family?’ That’s the WACKIEST shyt I’ve heard in a long time.

    All the TRUE juggalos already kno the CODE yo! Live n let live, love n accept, never judge, and when there is a prob we band together with that unity you tryin to MOLD TO YOUR STANDARDS!!! You can’t touch the UNITY of this family, tho I think that’s gonna be one hard ass lesson you bout to learn. Good entertainment fer us tho! ;) lolz.

    Maybe you should BOW OUT of our FAM, cuz this here … this tryin to LEAD our family (which could never be RUN by one, it is leaderless yet ran by ALL) and u wanna change and switch up the best UNCONDITIONAL fam in this universe that’s str8 bullchit. Sorry! oOo, I’ll be at YOUR conference but not to support you but to support the original family by knocking your rules to the dirt. peace homie, and try to get a re·grip, b4 we strip you of your shyt. Shouldn’t have threatened to try and RULE and conform us TRUE juggalo’z, pathetic MuH fuKkO NIQQA- threatin and JUDGIN our family… thought u kne betta! You shoulda yo! But that goes to show u don’t know a damn thang bout OUR juggalo fam. Go re-educate urself fool. Ta-ta!!!

  11. tre andrews

    who n the fukk are you to create these rules…the clowns started this…you are nobody to change the family…i say nigga all the time…and i dare a lil bitch to come try to take my merch…thats what you really do…also you are talking about slurs…but you call the mentally disabled retarded…WTF…is this a joke…there are so many flaws in this…i mean if we are to be “ourselves” why should we conform to your rules…go start your own family…dropp the hatchet…and drop the juggalo…cause that is already been done…u cant change it

  12. Courtony

    Yea okay. First off why should being a juggalo require rules? Doesn’t mainstream america do that shit enough to us all already? Putting us all in a box, throwing rules in and shaking it up isn’t gonna result in a “Perfect Juggalo”. We have to accept each one of our family members for who the fuck they are, not what they are “supposed” to be. Isn’t that what a big part of the dark carnival speaks of? i.e “We Belong”, “Let’s Go All The Way”. Fuck if a fellow ninja wants to say “nigga”, he fuckin can! Madrox says that shit all the time. Ridiculous man.

  13. checkaz

    dude killa mo get outa here im the juggalo u gotta get yo head straight nigga im not dissin on u bro but listen go to a juggalo bar and drink and ask a fine ass juggalette and fuck her and have a kid ok?

  14. Skullz

    I dont like being told that I cant say nigga, its how i talk and if u want to take my shit for it I have a big prob with it, I dont believe in conformity and I do what I want, so if u not down with that u can shove it lol jk :), whoop whoop!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Jeramiah Angel

    You wanna try to put rules down on the fam??? Well, as we all see, your views are wack. If not, you wouldn’t be getting so much hate from those who are part of this wicked family. In case you haven’t gotten the message yet, let me help explain how your “rules” will never work by picking your rules out one by one.
    1. This one is pretty accurate, and it isn’t a rule. So I’ll completely agree with this statement.
    2. You do know that the word “ninja” was just another word for nigga, don’t you?
    3. It’s not disrespect for lack or merch out there as much as we have disrespect for people who wear it and have no clue what it means to wear it.
    4. A Lette is only a whore if she wants to be. If that’s her choice, let her. Maybe she’ll have a good time. (Although you should still wrap it people)
    5. Helping people is good and all, but not in every situation. And who are you to tell us we need to help people. That should come from our own hearts, not from you telling us.
    6. Drinking and doing drugs in front of a little kid may not be the best idea, but i’m glad my (non-juggalo) family did that with me. It helped me learn what the effects were and kept me from most of it.
    7. A true Juggalo will know the meaning of the songs. Anyone who’s been down with the clown for long enough knows that it isn’t all about violence. That’s the shit that will get you to hell’s pit. And just like J said at one of his seminars, he don’t wanna see a single juggalo in hell’s pit. We should all be going to shangrila.
    8. Juggalos are many different things, I agree. Another one I don’t have anything against, but again, this isn’t a rule. It’s a statement.
    9. Violence is all around us. Violence is required at times to survive. You say your an OG from Michigan? Obviously you’ve never had to live on the streets of Detroit. Where you from? Some richy neighborhood?
    And to you disclaimer to those who don’t follow these rules: I’d like to see you try something with any Juggalo. “If you step to one of us you gotta step to the whole crew.” And from how the responses on this have been going, you ain’t gonna have many lo’s stepping with you.
    Learn what a true Juggalo is, before you start spouting off trash making it seem like a lot of the Juggalo Nation isn’t truly down. And trust me buddy, you still got a lot to learn.

  16. Whoozat Juggaloz

    WOW! Just late on ever seeing this NEW CODE… For the record, I can agree that the individuals claiming to be a JUGGALO, JUGGALETTE, NINJA, NINJETTE or whatever… should at least have a clue to what it is and who it is they are representing.

    However, all Fam can not possibly be fit into a single style or type.

    Juggalos represent what they know based on social location and school of thought. If I am a Northern Juggalo my ideas and beliefs are much more different than a Western Juggalo, Southern Juggalo or German Juggalo etc….

    And the only JUGGALO CODE I know and represent is = FK your rules, FK your Hate and FK what you think of me; because I have my own Juggalo Family that all think and represent this idea.

    Get your ass locked up and thrown in prison while rocking a Hatchetman tattoo, and find out how quickly you get schooled about claiming that shit you are not gang related. First your ass gets a beat down by the COs because they have been brainwashed that Juggalos hate and kill cops. Then you are gonna meet all kinds of colors who already know who you are before you hit the block.

    Sometimes there is this thing called NO CHOICE!!! And that was only adressing your RULE #1. And along with Rule #1. THE CARNIVAL OF CARNAGE: says- deliver them the freekshow others are claiming that you are, even though you know that you are not.

    And there is no damn way I will just accept anyone as FAM just because they claim they are JUGGALO or DOWN WITH THE CLOWN. If another Lo or Lette ever says you have to accept them because they are family: by all means BEAT DOWN TIME!!!

    You might claim to be Juggalo, but you better have to your mind in check before I introduce you to those I roll with. If you truly care about your immediate Juggalo Family you will also becareful of who you invite in. There are Juggalos who are extremely dangerous or are in the game to rep the Hatchet so they can be invited in only to ripp you off. If there was ever a rule #1. it should be DONT TRUST OTHER JUGGALOS until proven trustworthy.

    And Fam, take my word you will not be thought of as any less for kicking some Lo or Lette to the curb for recognizing they are not on the same level of understanding and practice as you. Let them go find their own kind… It is better to hold down a small crew that can be trusted and depended on.

    You’ll get the idea.. Some Juggalos are crackheads some Juggalos hate crackheads. Some Juggalos are racist some Juggalos are anti-racist. Some Juggalos are gang bangers some Juggalos refuse to be associated with gangs. There is no one right way!

    The closest you can get to being a Juggalo doing the right thing, is by being a Juggalo/Lette focused on doing what makes you happy and knowing no matter what people say about you, there are those of us who are also keeping our middle fingers up and moving forward, no matter what our individual Juggalo Struggles might be…

    With all our Love and thanks to the Juggalos Worldwide who support this message > Whoop Whoop! and MMFWCL

  17. Damien Gallows Otherside

    I’m kinda split here dog

    you got just about half dis shit right, but the other BS you put up is just about as close to a piece of horse shit I’ve ever had the displeasure of reading on the web.

    To put it plainly, put a god damn filter between what you’re thinkin, and what you’re typing. Cuz you really made yourself seem like a fool.

  18. Amy

    i think wat u say is from the heart, but u gotta take ur brain wit ya dude :) not all juggalos will listen if u say it forcefully. Try saying it differently. With passion but also with consideration. And maybe you shouldve tried asking ppl wat they think about it before you posted it? just a thought. Im a lette-in-training and i liked the idea of juggalos and lettes because they dont have just one person being the leader. They decide together. I love the idea of there being no leader. “Power to the people” :)

  19. bubby

    but there is not meant to have rules ??? i dont get it.thats fucked. i beleve every one and every one should go by all the rules anyway <3

  20. kyle

    Ya im trying to become a juggalo but how am I suppose to when every one is saying different things so will someone please tell me who to listen to

  21. Prince

    yo bro,the family has no real rules. Agreed,some of the shit you put should be fallowed. But we got no rules except one. Be family. We don’t need to do that,but it would help if we did. I agree and already do most of that,and so should everyone else. But bro,we got no real rules. I am in the Underground HatchetFamily if you were wondering. Whoop Whoop homie!!

  22. MH

    Homie u wack as hell sum ur shit real but get ur shit str8 I agree who the fuck u think u r boss juggalo? I know some real that would beat u the fuck down trying to push this on them an cut ur tatts right the fuck off an mug u with no remorse u ain’t down wit the wicked clowns u juggahoe

  23. phreakshow

    There already is a code, and this aint it. Ill follow the code violent j and shaggy lay down in the music. Come and try 2 take my hatchet bitch. Colorado Springs colorado. Just ask around downtown.

  24. Ricky

    Fuck this shyt you do what you want family isnt a cult of pussy mutha fuckaz theres a difference of havin respect an bein a bitch

  25. lil chainsaw

    Look this is the newest founding father to our family and i ******* say i have 100 Percent say with my brothers blaze and chainsaws aprroval that all of the family should abide by these damb rules or else if you dont like them get the fuck out of the family because we dont need punks like you people who can not abide by these Rules got it so by the rule of the three founding fathers names all fam must abide or get the fuck out and give back everything that is juggalo property and never ever so as long as you shal live mention the name juggalo ever again or there will be hell to pay


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